Selamawit Abate

Selamawit Abet

Meet Selamawit Abet! 

She is deaf-blind. She was found on the street in the Benishangul region seriously injured during the internal conflict and instability in June 2018. She sustained trauma (bullet injury) to the eyes & underwent surgery at St. Paul hospital for bilateral mandibular fracture and blow out eye.

Unfortunately most of her previous history is not known because of barriers in communication. She has no gross motor deficit and no difficulty using her fingers.  So how did she cope with these barriers and begin to communicate, through touch! She expresses her wants and needs using her hands by tapping, and also through gestures.  Through this she was able to communicate well with her teachers at school. 

 She is currently on training at special school for sign language communication. She is very active and a quick learner by nature so going to school every morning has given her joy and puts a smile on her face.