What we do

Acacia Village /God’s House center for children with special needs and their mothers’

Why we call it God’s House
1 ) The center was constructed by the miraculous hand of the Lord.

2 It provides a unique opportunity to care for vulnerable children,
recognizing their existence as a testament to God’s mercy and goodness.

3) The center’s creation, funded by an American couple inspired by a divine dream, reflects God’s providence for neglected children, bringing them joy and care for the first time.

We empower children and women to achieve their fullest potential!

We offer holistic support for children with special needs and orphans, including shelter, education, healthcare, and psycho-social aid. Our services include temporary and permanent shelters with integrated facilities like daycare, healthcare, therapy, nutrition, and recreation. Additionally, we empower mothers of special needs children through our women’s center, fostering economic, social, and psychological growth.
We Seek & Support

Our mission extends to women and youth alike, tirelessly seeking out opportunities to provide assistance and support to those in need, with a focus on empowerment and upliftment.

We Nurture

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women and youth, we offer nurturing care and guidance, providing a supportive environment for them to thrive and reach their full potential.

We Establish Education Centers

In our dedication to education and empowerment, we establish and manage small-scale schools tailored not only for underprivileged children and youth but also for women seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge for a brighter future

We Empower

Empowerment knows no bounds, and we believe in empowering both women and youth with the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to lead fulfilling and successful lives.

We Engage

Our commitment to empowerment extends to offering employment opportunities and mentorship programs to women and youth, ensuring they are equipped with the support and guidance necessary to achieve their goals

We Fortify

Through our multifaceted initiatives, including education centers and employment programs, we aim to strengthen the foundations of both women and youth, fostering resilience and enabling them to overcome obstacles on their path to success.

What we care of

Medical Screening and Medication for Children living in Addis Ababa

TTLLM’s Acacia village special needs center house in child care center in Addis Ababa offers intensive and continuous care for children facing various medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Developmental Delay, Muteness, Visual and Hearing impairments, Paralysis, and HIV Positive status.

Nutritional Support in Addis Ababa

Food and nutrition support are crucial for children residing at the TLLM Acacia village special needs center house in Addis Ababa. Malnutrition is a significant concern, with forty-five percent of deaths in children under five attributed to it in developing countries like Ethiopia. TLLM ensures proper growth and development by providing balanced, healthy meals four times a day. The Head Nurse sets up a meal schedule every two months, while supporting nurses ensure meal quality during service

Educational support program in Addis Ababa

TLLM provides pre schooling for children at its center, focusing on basic reading and writing skills to prepare them for regular school. A qualified teacher leads this program, following the educational curriculum. School-age children from the center have excelled academically, with many achieving top scores and graduating from colleges and universities. TLLM also supports 250 underprivileged children attending Hana Maryam Primary and Agazian Schools. Additionally, children who are blind or deaf are enrolled in appropriate educational institutions.

Training session for community participant in Addis Ababa

TLLM collaborates with the Bureau of Education in Addis Ababa to implement a non-formal education program in four schools in Nifas Selk Lafoto. Volunteer facilitators receive basic training and materials in partnership with the education bureau to effectively run the program.


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